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Who We Are

Photonics 42 is a private company in the field of photonics founded in Milan. Its team is made up of both experienced professionals and a group of qualified young colleagues. The company provides services that cover all stages of the product, from research to production to testing.

The founders Antonello Vannucci, Mario Montevecchi, Ignazio Piacentini have witnessed both the late 90ies / early 2000 ‘bubble’ as well as the ‘Photonics Renaissance’ linked to the ever-growing demand and requirements for telecom (internet communications), datacom (content management in the cloud) and (more recently) 5G infrastructure, as well as the convergence of photonics and micro-electronics (semicon) as a device enabler for a much broader spectrum of industrial and commercial applications and products.

Our Mission

Ph42’s mission is to support its customers in development, prototyping and pre-series activities for the introduction of new products (NPI) and small and medium volume production services.

The goal of our services is to facilitate access to innovation and the advantages of photonics technologies for start-ups, PMI and large companies, both for companies with limited know-how and to cover process development and small-scale production.

Photonic Services

Our services

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Photonic Assembly

Ph42 provides services that cover all stages of production, design, supply and testing. The skills developed over the years by our team allow us to develop components and modules based on Silicon Photonics and Indium Phosphide, as well as hybrid integration technology platforms.

Our supply packages can be fully customized and are aimed at PMI and large companies operating in the photonics industry segment.

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Picture courtesy of ficonTEC

Photonic Design & Engineering

Our team provides a Design and Engineering (D&E) service for the development of the assembly process, the design and prototyping of photonic and Microwave-Photonic (MWP) modules for high-end markets.

The distinctive element of the Photonics 42 D&E service is the set of microwave and photonic design skills supported by electronic and mechanical design capabilities.

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Photonic Testing

We provide various photonic testing services, such as:

  • Tools for testing
  • Wafer testing
  • Contract testing

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