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Photonics 42 is located in the vibrant city of Milan, within reach of several research centres, Universities and high-tech industries operating in the field of Photonics; founded in 2020, the team is made of seasoned experts as well as young and motivated engineers.

We aim to help customers and partners in harnessing the advantages of photonic technologies by providing access to a unique mix of skills, competence and knowledge in integrated photonics, microwave photonics, as well as photonic packaging, mechanical design and testing capabilities. Strengthen by their industrial careers, the team operates following an industrial approach with also a strong academic background with tens of publications, patents, and collaboration in many European projects (FP7 and H2020).

Our Mission

Ph42’s mission is to support customers and partners, both industrial and academic, in the development of prototypes, pre-series and new products for telecom, datacom, medical and high-end markets like military, space and aerospace.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Design and engineering of photonic and microwave photonic circuits, components, and devices
  • Assembly and packaging of devices based on Silicon Nitride, Silicon on Insulator, Indium Phosphide and Hybrid technologies
  • Testing service and solutions for wafer-level testing of Photonic Integrated Circuits

Why 42

“The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42”

The number 42 is, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”, calculated by an enormous supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5 million years. The book was first published in UK in 1981.



Mario Montevecchi

Mario Montevecchi is co-founder and CEO of Photonic 42. Mario has obtained the degree in Economics and Business from University “Luigi Bocconi”, Milan, in 1992. As a private entrepreneur, Mario has developed particular skills in accounting and tax management, for both individuals and companies,  in tax litigation and in the management of the business crisis, also carrying out since 1994 the activity of liquidator of companies, bankruptcy trustee and judicial commissioner on behalf of the Milan Court. He still holds the office of director, liquidator and member of the board of statutory auditors in several companies.


Antonello Vannucci

Antonello Vannucci is co-founder and CTO of Photonics 42. Antonello obtained a M.Sc. degree in Physics from University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy, in 1985. From 2011 to 2020 at Cordon Electronics Italia, he took the responsibility of the R&D and Engineering Team in the development of Photonics and Microwave Photonics components and modules. In Cordon he participated in ten (10) European founded projects (FP7 and H2020 programs) as partner for the integration and packaging of photonic modules. From 2000 to 2003 he was in Corning Optical Technologies (Milan–Italy) as Product Development manager. From 1986 to 2000, he was in the R&D Microelectronic and Integrated Optics Lab at Selex Integrated Systems (Rome) and was involved in the development of integrated optic technologies, devices and integrated modules based on LiNbO3 technology for Radar Systems and Sensing applications. He has published fifty papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings and four patents.

Advisory board


Ignazio Piacentini

Ignazio Piacentini is co-founder and Chairman of the Advisory Board of Photonics 42. He has a B.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering (Milan, Italy, 1975) and a M.Sc. degree in Digital Systems and Instrumentation (Polytechnic of Central London, UK, 1987). Before joining the machine vision industry in the early ‘90’s, he had spent many years working for the European Commission within the Euratom Program, designing control and data acquisition systems for large-scale thermonuclear fusion experimental projects, including a long spell at the JET Joint Undertaking (Culham Labs, UK). He moved to Germany in 2013, heading the Photonic Device Assembly Business Unit at PI miCos GmbH (Physik Instrumente Group), and in August 2015 took up the position of Director of Business Development at ficonTEC GmbH,  a leading company building equipment for photonics micro-assembly and testing. Prior to that he directed ImagingLab Srl, in Lodi, Italy, an engineering/consulting company specializing in machine vision and advanced robotics. He also held the position of Business Development Manager Europe for imaging and motion of National Instruments, Austin, TX/USA, from 1999 to 2003. From April 2020 Ignazio is leading the development of the Photonics Testing for VCSELs and PICs platforms at ficonTEC.


Andrea Melloni

Andrea Melloni is scientific advisor of Photonics 42. He is a full Professor at Politecnico di Milano, OSA Fellow  (2014), graduated in Electronic Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, in 1989, PhD in 1992. He has been working on ring resonators as key building block in integrated optical circuits, passive devices for telecom and sensing, circuit-oriented computer-aided design techniques and characterization techniques. Recently he has focused his interests on the emerging generic foundry schemes and the development of a control layer for photonics integrated circuits. He holds 15 international patents and he is author of more than 100 publications in major international journals (h-index 40, 5400 citations). He has been one of the proponents, and now Deputy Director, of Polifab, the facility for micro and nano technologies at Politecnico di Milano. Melloni is in the Board of Stakeholders of Photonics21 since December 2017.

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