Photonics 42 is partner of CareGlance for OCT swept-laser source prototyping

by | 19 Nov 2020 | News

CareGlance has chosen Photonics 42 as an assembly partner for the prototyping of OCT swept laser source for the health care ophthalmic market

CareGlance srl is an Italian startup established in Milan that focuses on the development of a proprietary swept laser sources for Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT), primarily for the health care ophthalmic market.

Photonics 42 will support CareGlance in development and prototyping of the OCT swept source. The partnership will provide to CareGlance easy access to the technologies and long-term expertise in PICs assembly and packaging of Photonics 42’s highly skilled team, as well as the flexible support to their product’s roadmap and the ability to scale up production to better match the customer needs.


About Careglance

CareGlance mission is transforming Optical Coherent Tomography in a real time, portable technique by Ultrafast Swept Sources and Optical Integration. With its unique ULTRAFAST and COST EFFECTIVE Swept Source for OCT, the company aims to place its product in the top segment of OCT lasers, granting 1 MHz scan speed together with high coherence and resolution. The external cavity laser high speed is achieved by means of aµs-response time tunable material while compactness is granted through an optimized micro-optics cavity assembly.



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