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Assembly & Packaging Service

Photonics 42 provides a packaging and assembly service to universities, research centres, SMEs, and large enterprises; our flexible offer cover all the steps from proof-of-concept prototypes to pre-series products. The team has an extensive experience in photonic packaging gathered in years of industrial and research projects and offer a unique mix of skills ranging from mechanics, optics, and photonics to microwave, RF and radio-over-fibre links.

All our packages are assembled on a custom ficonTEC A300 using pneumatic gripper, piezolectrical gripper or vacuum pick-up tool by using industrial-graded die attach and wire bonding processes; both back-end area assembly machine are hosted inside the 220 m2 ISO08 cleanroom of PoliFAB, the nanofabrication centre of Politecnico di Milano (

Packaging platforms

Our portfolio comprises several levels of integration with increasing complexity for your PICs; we can assembly components and modules based on glass, Silicon Nitride, Silicon Photonics, and Indium Phosphide, as well as hybrid integration technology platforms.

Modular assembly

Ideal for fast proof-of-concept experiments on your PICs. This affordable non-hermetic packaging method offers a sturdy support with integrated thermoelectric cooling, DC connector and optional RF connectivity. This approach is the most suitable when dealing with large fibre arrays and/or optical interfaces on two sides of the PIC.


Generic goldbox package

A semi-hermetic Kovar package with standard coaxial connectors guaranteeing high-speed RF connectivity (>40 GHz), integrated thermoelectric cooling, and DC feedthroughs while keeping a limited footprint.

Standard form-factor package

If you need a standard electronic package to integrate your PICs into your electronic system, we offer standard form-factor packaging. This is where photonics really steps up.

Custom packaging

Do you need something special, tailored to your needs without any compromise? Please contact us at with your request.

Looking for a collaboration?

If you are looking for a packaging and assembly partner for your founded project let us know; our team has the collective experience of many European founded projects spanning telecom, quantum, defence and space applications.