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Design & Engineering Service

The mission of Ph42 is to support its customers in the design, development, prototyping, and pre-series activities for new products introduction (NPI) and small-medium volume manufacturing services in the Photonics industry segment. A mix of design skills in photonics and PICs, microwave, digital/analog electronic and mechanical design are available at Ph42 for the prototyping of Photonic and Microwave Photonics modules for high-end markets.

Ph42 can act as a one-stop-shop service provider for product development intervening in some or all steps of the value chain, from design, assembly and packaging of photonic devices, to prototyping and demonstrators up to small and medium volumes manufacturing. Ph42 is well integrated within the Italian and EU photonic ecosystem and can be part or manage your product’s supply chain needs.

Ph42 provides assembly and packaging services to both SME and large companies in a 220 m2 ISO 08 clean room, hosted by Polytechnic of Milan, with a fully equipped back-end area with automated photonic assembly machine.

Ph42 offers custom packages to ensure the best performance, but also fast prototyping with chip-on-board demonstrator and generic packages when cost efficiency is critical, typically for (early) prototyping and low volume. Fully integrated solutions with the development and integration of the front and back-end electronics as well as microwave electronics are also provided by Ph42.