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Design & Engineering Service

The D&E Service will benefit from state-of-the-art industrial assets and dedicated team well established in photonics, and which provide skills and expertise to cover all the back-end process and industrial testing capabilities in photonics, microwave and microwave photonics design, as well as design of high-speed electronics and modules for high-end reference markets.

At the present time, high-power laser and emerging markets (MedTech, LiDAR, IR cameras) are identified as short-term targets for the D&E Service division. This will provide assembly and process development for small and mid-volume production needs of medium and large customers (both for existing production and NPI), fabless and start-up companies.

The focus of D&E Service is the following:

Assembly process development primarily by utilization of ficonTEC machines (Engineering Service), to support ficonTEC in development of custom components and processes, and including tests to be delivered with the machines and their customers. CM will be also addressed for low (<1kpcs) and medium (< 10kpcs) volume manufacturing for NPI of ficonTEC customers.


Design and prototyping of photonic and µw-photonic modules for high-end markets. The added value of the D&E team is a unique mix of design skills in microwave and photonics supported by digital/analog electronic and mechanical design capabilities.