Photonics 42 is partner of Civitanavi Systems for packaging of PICs for inertial sensing applications

by | 18 Aug 2020 | News

Successful PIC packaging carried out at ficonTEC lead to assembly machine purchase

Civitanavi Systems Srl. is an Italian company established in 2012 which develops and manufactures high tech solutions of Inertial Navigation, Geo Reference and Stabilization systems for both industrial and defense use (dual-use).

Photonics 42 has received a first contract from Civitanavi Systems for the optimization of the assembly process of an innovative device based on PIC.

This is the first collaboration program among the two companies for the development and manufacturing of integrated photonics for innovative Inertial navigation solutions. The initial trials have taken place in Germany in collaboration with ficonTEC GmbH, leading to the confirmation of the purchasing of the first PIC assembly machine expected to be delivered in Milan in January 2021.


About Civitanavi System

Civitanavi Systems was established in 2012 with a vision to become a principal player in the provision of the design, development and manufacture of high tech solutions of Inertial Navigation, Geo Reference and Stabilization systems for both industrial and defense use (dual-use). Civitanavi Systems is an Italian company which provides inertial solutions domestically and has developed in a short time an International market for it specialized products.


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