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Testing Service

Tools for Testing

We develop customized passive and active probe cards for simultaneous electrical and optical parallel multichannel probing for photonic devices ranging from opto-electronic devices, such as VCSELs, to Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs).

The probe card is integrated within a (semi) automatic test system for optical, electrical, electro-optical, RF and data transmission performance assessment, including probe de-embedding, simple parameters extraction and automatic look-up table generation.

We deliver application-specific test solutions ranging from prototyping lab benches to fully automated machines. 

All of our test systems are designed to be modular, easily expandible, and suitable for high throughput automated measurements.


Wafer-Level Testing

A major area of development for the tools discussed previously is for highly automated Wafer-Level Testing systems, targeting high volumes of manufacturing, performed in-line or separately from the assembly line.

We perform component selection from wafers and sections of wafers, parameter extraction, database generation, correlation maps, statistical analysis and process capability.

Wafer-Level testing benefits from the custom-made and proprietary tool capabilities: probe cards, instrumentation and measurement system design, modular and multi-channel probing, automation software.

The test system is designed to be easily integrated with an electro-mechanical testing platform developed by a world-class testing and assembly machine supplier.

Contract Testing

A Contract Testing service is available at our facilities for verification of (fully or semi-) packaged devices and modules, singulated or arrays of dies, pieces of and full wafers.

We offer testing services on small to medium sample sizes for functional testing, aging, burn-in, infancy failure, thermal stress test, specs compliance verification, fabrication tolerance analysis and look-up table generation, measurements database and automated data analysis, yield estimation and statistical data analysis.

We cover testing of optical, electrical, electro-optical, RF and data transmission performances.