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Testing Service

Contract testing

Testing and verification of (fully or semi-) packaged devices and modules. Functional testing, aging, burn-in, infancy failure, thermal stress test, specs compliance verification, look-up table generation, measurements database and analysis, yield estimation and statistical data analysis. Testing of optical, electrical, electro-optical and RF performances.


Tools for testing

Generation of (semi-) automatic testing procedures of optical, electrical, electro-optical and RF performances of components/devices/modules, including probe de-embedding, simple parameters extraction and automatic look-up table generation. The testing procedures are implemented on proprietary electronic boards and with proprietary software. Specific instrumentation can be conceived together with commercial partners dedicated to a specific testing procedure. 

Wafer testing

Development of testing tools and procedures to perform component selection from (sections of) wafers during (or for) the assembly phase. The testing for selection can be done in-line (during the assembly phase – very fast, preferably electrical, simple characterizations for component selection only) or separately (full on-wafer testing and characterization, components selection, possibly parameter extraction, both optical and electrical testing). Database generation and statistical analysis for yield, parameter extraction, correlation maps, etc. Joint development of optoelectronic probe cards with Tier 1 commercial partners for full on-wafer testing and die characterization.